COVID-19 updates & protocols

We are so grateful for all the support we received to run a successful summer camp in 2020! While it was all a bit different, we managed to still offer a high-quality fun program for our campers while following all Public Health guidelines!

We are now looking forward to offering our in-person camp again in 2021 and are confident that we can offer an even better program! 

Here you can find our COVID protocols & updates:

Will day camps be allowed in 2021?

March 24th,  2021, 1:00 pm

Summer day camps are currently allowed to run in-person in all provincial colour stages. This year we are more so categorized with other 'child care services' which have been allowed to stay open even during the most recent lockdown and stay-at-home-order. This provides a lot of confidence that day camps will not be shut down for the summer. 

In the meantime, we are awaiting an updated version of guidelines for summer day camps by Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Education (the current version is dated August 2020).

We are hoping that the final guidelines will allow us to do group transportation (on chartered buses) again this year so we can bring back our popular field trips!

Registration for summer camp 2021 opening soon!

December 23rd, 2020, 4:00 pm

We are very excited to start registration for our summer camp 2021 at our High Park North and our Baby Point location! We are still working on opening more locations for next year and will inform parents accordingly.

While summer 2021 still seems far away, we are confident that we can again offer a spectacular summer program while adhering to all Public Health guidelines that might be in place next summer. Furthermore, we hope to bring back our weekly field trips! On the other hand, we have to plan with limited capacity until closer to the summer when we'll know how many campers will be allowed in each cohort. So we recommend booking your spot as soon as possible. We also offer a revised peace-of-mind booking policy that asks for only a 50% refundable deposit until March 31st.

In-person camp confirmed at Roncesvalles

June 20th, 2020, 1:00 pm

We are happy to confirm that we can open our in-person program at our Roncesvalles location starting on July 13th! We continue taking registrations while the weeks are filling up quickly now.

We continue working with our rental space at our High Park North location to open up camp at that location as well. We hope to receive an update from the church this week and will inform registered parents immediately.

For non-registered parents who want to stay updated about the opening of the camp, we suggest sending us an email to so we can add them to our distribution list.

Offering Online Summer Stay Camp

June 4th 2020, 11:00 am

We continue monitoring the situation in Ontario and following guidelines provided by the Provincial Government and Public Health.At this point day camps are yet to be allowed to open for the summer and once this decision is made, we will review the provided restrictions and guidelines and then hope to open the camp for in-person programming, even just for a few weeks.

In the meantime, we make a decision for each week with a one month notice. Currently we hope to being able to open as early as July 13th for our 3rd week.

While we know that virtual programming can never replace an in-person camp experience for a child, we want to give especially working parents the peace of mind of a high-quality and engaging virtual program to sign their kids up for. That is why we are offering our Online Summer Stay Camp which offers half days (mornings or afternoons) and also full day options. The program will be as varied as our very popular regular summer program and will offer children a platform to spend time with peers and our counselors in a valuable and meaningful way. 

Will camp happen?

April 25th 2020, 1:00 pm

The short answer is YES. However, most likely not in the traditional way. I have great exchanges with many other Camp Directors and we all have one thing in common: We really want camp to happen! But... it's not entirely up to us.

We depend not only on Public Health guidelines but also on the fact that we want camp to be safe for campers, parents and our staff. We also want to offer our high-quality programming and for camp to simply be fun!

While this is a new situation for all of us and each camp is planning differently, here is what we have in mind at Toronto Kidz Summer Camp:

We want to run "in-person camp" for as many weeks as possible!

If we don't deem it safe or we can't offer quality programming in-person, we will offer a virtual camp.

Already registered campers would get the choice of joining us for virtual camp at a lower price point or to simply receive a refund of the fees paid. 

New peace-of-mind booking conditions

March 15th 2020, 11:00 am

In light of the current developments of the global coronavirus pandemic, we changed our deposit requirements for new bookings. While we usually ask for full payment at time of registration, you are now able to book with only a 10% refundable deposit. The remaining amount will be due by April 30th. With this action, we hope to support families with the financial burden of summer camp during these uncertain times while still securing their summer camp spots.

If you decide not to complete the payment by April 30th, you will be issued a full refund of the deposit paid.

In case the full payment is completed by April 30th, our regular cancellation policy comes into effect which still allows for a full refund (minus a $35 administrative fee) up to 30 days prior to the first day of your weeks booked. 

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