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Leadership - Junior Camp
Join us this summer 2023 for in-person program at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

Leadership summer camp for kids in Toronto

The next generation is so engaged with many important topics. We'll learn how to fundraise, present in public, create awareness and stand up for issues that our campers are passionate about. We’ll start by mapping our interests and finish our week by making a complete action plan of how our leaders of the future can raise awareness about a subject that is important to them.

Field trip: Toronto Island

Weekly rate: $325

($309 multiweek)

Toronto summer camp 2023 sample schedule

Finding a passion

We will start this week by learning how to set goals. Once we have completed this we will move onto determining campers’ interests and passions.  Campers will create their own interest maps and vision boards.


Covid has been an extremely difficult time for all of us.  As we are raising the leaders of tomorrow, it is important for them to be engaged in the community especially while going through such troubled times.  In this theme activity, our campers will write letters to seniors in the community to brighten their day!

Poster and raising awareness

Whether it is raising awareness for pollution, anti bullying, benefits of healthy eating or any other choice of topics, the campers will have the freedom to choose a subject that resonates with them.  We will learn effective ways to raise awareness for an issue.  Campers will then start taking action by making a poster about a subject which holds importance to them.

How to be a leader

Leadership is a valuable skill that we will focus on during this theme activity. We will brainstorm the characteristics of people who inspire us to help us determine the traits of a leader.  To practice these skills, we will engage in fun and educational games.


As we approach the end of the week, we will start talking more about how to combine all the skills and activities we have done to work towards the idea of starting a successful fundraiser.  Campers will learn the steps taken towards making a successful fundraiser in order to prepare for the next theme activity!
Action Plan

Following our session on fundraisers, we will put what we learned into action.  After picking a cause which resonates with the camper, they will plan in detail a fundraiser.  Campers will finish the session well equipped with a plan to put into action as the young leaders of today.

Weekly rate: $325


($309 multiweek)

DATES: July 10-14

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