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Wacky Science - Junior Camp
Join us this summer 2023 for in-person program at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

Science summer camp in Toronto

Our campers will brush up their knowledge in all things science in a fun and interactive environment! From geology to chemistry to anatomy we will be doing some wacky experiments and learning new things without even noticing! Don’t forget to check your little scientist’s notebook every day!

Field trip: Ontario Science Centre

Weekly rate: $325

($309 multiweek)

Science summer camp near me


Rocks rock…and so does our workshop about geology!  Campers will learn about the three different types of rocks, how they are formed, followed by the opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test with an outdoors rock hunt. We will wrap up this theme activity with a handmade fossil souvenir to bring home at the end of the day!


Plants produce the oxygen that we need to live and are very important to our environment! Campers will learn about the importance of plants, how they survive and what we can do to help them out!  After campers learn about how to care for plants, they will have the opportunity to become a new plant parent to a tiny seed!


From the bottom of the ocean to the highest mountain, our world is filled with about 8.7 million species. We will learn about the different biomes, what animals need to survive and what makes the perfect habitat.  Campers will have the opportunity to use their knowledge to build the perfect home for a friendly creature.


Our body does so much for us!  In this session we will learn about its different parts and how the systems work.  We will master this knowledge with some fun games including body bingo and system run.  We will wrap up the lesson with sharing our appreciation for what our body does for us.


Did you know you can drop an egg without it breaking? We will learn all about sturdy structures and gravity through our physics themed activities.  Our young scientists will then use their knowledge to design a structure that can protect an egg from a drop of at least 2 meters!

Solar Systems

From Mercury to Neptune, we will learn about the planets from afar. Did you know that Neptune is the smallest of the Gas Giants or that it is the coldest planet in the solar system? Campers will be able to share plenty of fun facts at the end of this workshop.


This theme may get a little messy, but it will be packed with learning and fun.  We will learn about chemical reactions.  Building our own volcano with our new knowledge, we will be able to witness a volcanic eruption and end the lesson off with a bang!!!

Weekly rate: $325


($309 multiweek)

DATES: July 17-21

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