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Survival - Junior Camp
Join us this summer 2023 for in-person program at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

Survival summer camp in Toronto

We will spend this week exploring different outdoor spaces in Toronto! We'll play games, make picnics, learn from a survival guide and much more.  Campers will be able to learn important survival skills from shelter building to knot tying. By the end of the week, they will become one with nature.

Field trip: Survival training at High Park

Weekly rate: $325

($309 multiweek)

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In this theme activities our campers will prepare for survival week.  From teamwork activities to supply making, the campers will leave this session ready to face the fun challenges ahead this week!

 Compass and shelter building

The campers will start the day by making their very own compass so that it is ready for the rest of this week! Then, our campers will face their first challenge…shelter building!   With only their surroundings and a tarp will the campers’ shelters be able to pass the tests?

Rock hunting

Campers will go on the search for their perfect survival buddy…their own rock friend.  Campers will not only return home with their rock friend, but with story stones that represent the elements of survival which hold the most importance to them.


North, south, east, west… our campers are going on a quest! For this theme activities, our campers will practice their directional and compass reading skills.  As campers master these skills, they will have the opportunity to make their own scavenger hunt with a detailed map.

Think like an animal

Animals have mastered survival in the wild and in this theme activity we will think like them.  Taking notes in our nature journal we will put our learned skills to the test in two very fun challenges!
 Knot tying and surprise

Knowing knots can be super important in survival!  We will learn different types of knots and practice some useful knots by making a cool friendship bracelet.  As we are almost completed with our survival training, campers will learn some useful cooking skills involving the power of the sun and reward their hard effort with a tasty surprise!


With all their new skills and preparatory activities, our campers are now ready for their survival hike. Campers will go on our longest hike yet!  We will stay engaged with some silly songs and some nature spotting!

Weekly rate: $325


($309 multiweek)

DATES: Aug. 14-18

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