Treasure Hunt - Junior Camp
Join us this summer 2022 for in-person program at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

During this outdoors camp, our young adventurers will learn how to read a map, use a compass, explore outdoors spaces in Toronto and hunt for a treasure!  From making treasure to finding it, campers will take advantage of the beautiful outdoors to depart on a fun filled adventure this week.

Field trip: Pirate Cruise off Lakeshore

Weekly rate: $305

($290 multiweek)

Treasure Hunt (2).png

Gold coins

Find the perfect rock and turn it into gold! Campers will be making their own gold to use in our treasure hunts and to take home as a souvenir at the end of the week. 


X marks the spot and so will we as we map out the beautiful landmarks around our camp locations. As we master our map reading skills, we will be sure to add some extra fun challenges. 


Treasure making to treasure finding…campers will do it all in this theme activity.  From magical jewels that grow overnight to digging for treasure in the sand to finding the enemy’s hidden flag, campers will be busy with this treasure packed theme activity.


Ahoy, Me Hearties! Are you ready to set out on sea? Will your pirate ship pass the test and stay afloat?  Can you pin the patch on the pirate? Are you ready to learn how to speak like a pirate?  Get ready to join our pirate crew…you will be a true pirate once the day is through!

Water fun

Campers will have a water filled fun theme activity outside!  From saving a sinking ship in a sponge run to making magic dissolving rocks to a cannon ball toss, the campers will work in teams to complete these challenges!

At the lake, the campers will have the opportunity to search for sea glass. They will then be able to create a beautiful mosaic souvenir to bring home.  Later we will concentrate on an extremely useful survival skill of solar water filtration.

Weekly rate: $305


($290 multiweek)

Dates: Aug. 22-26

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