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Kidz Camp for 5-10 years:


Which one of the nine planets is your favourite? Learn what they're all about and what else is out there in space to be discovered! 

Field trip: Science Centre

Baby Point: Aug 23-27

High Park North: Aug 16-20

We'll learn magic tricks and make our own magic box. We'll learn what an illusion is and find out how to create one ourservles.

Field trip: Museum of Illusions

Baby Point: July 26-30

High Park North: July 26-30


Learn about the magic world under the water surface with all its fascinating creatures and plants! We'll explore how animals live in the water and visit them on our field trip!

Field trip: Ripley's Aquarium



Baby Point: Aug 9-13

High Park North: Aug 23-27

Weekly rate starts at $266!




We'll discover different cultures, languages and traditions. We'll learn about our continents and countries. Where have you travelled to and where do you want to go?

Field trip: Bata Shoe Museum



Baby Point: Aug 3-6

High Park North: Aug 3-6


Did you know that there are over 700 different species of dinosaurs? Which one is your favorite? Learn how to distinguish the different species and how they were discovered!

Field trip: ROM


Baby Point: July 19-23

High Park North: July 5-9

Animal week.jpg


We'll discover the different types of animals and their habitat. We'll learn about nature and our environment. Do you know which animals live in Toronto? Let's find out more!

Field trip: Toronto Zoo

Baby Point: July 5-9

High Park North: July 12-16


How was life for knights and princesses several hundred years ago? We'll explore the medieval times and learn more about this fascinating time.

Field trip: Casa Loma

Baby Point: July 12-16

High Park North: July 19-23



Which one of the nine planets is your favourite? Learn what they're all about and what else is out there in space to be discovered! 

Field trip: Science Centre



We'll learn how to talk, dance and hunt a treasure like a pirate. We'll meet some actual pirates and join them on an adventure on Lake Ontario!

Field trip: Pirate Cruise

Baby Point: Aug 16-20

High Park North: Aug 9-13

Weekly rate starts at $266

Our Kidz Camp

Our Kidz Camp is a multi-activity camp that offers a top program with the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor activities. We spend at least 2.5 hours outdoors each day playing in nearby parks, splash pads, and on our field trips. 

Indoors we play games, do arts & crafts, and learn about our weekly theme

Our weekly themes allow us to dive into a topic for the week and have fun with it! 

Our field trips to Toronto's main attractions are the highlight of the week! 

Our Kidz Camp is recommended for campers between 5 to 10 years old. It's the perfect starter camp for our youngest campers as we offer a wide variety of activities throughout the day. 

Each group is always led and supervised by one of our managers who is a licensed ECE (Early Childhood Educator) or OTC (Ontario Licensed Teacher). This is important to us as it guarantees a high quality of care for our campers.

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