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Amazing Race - Junior Camp
Join us for summer 2024 at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

Survival summer camp in Toronto

Who's up for a week long scavenger hunt in and around our camp location with the big finale at High Park on our field trip? Each camper pair will solve riddles, challenges and tasks to move ahead of the pack. We'll even learn some useful survival hacks like shelter building, fire starting, reading maps, how to use a compass, etc. Campers will learn about team work, friendly competition and problem solving under pressure!

Field trip: High Park

Weekly rate: $345

($328 multiweek)

Sample schedule Toronto Day Camp


In this theme activities our campers will prepare for the amazing race.  From team building to supply preparation, campers will leave this session ready to face the fun challenges ahead this week!

 Compass and map reading

North, south, east, west… our campers are going on a quest! For this theme activities, our campers will practice their directional and compass reading skills. Then, our campers will face their first challenge to get ahead in our amazing race!   With only their surroundings and a tarp will the campers’ shelters be able to pass the tests?

Shelter building and fire starting

With only their surroundings and a tarp will the campers’ shelters be able to pass the tests of nature? We will also practive making fire starters out of every day camping items and things to be found in nature.
 Riddles and challenges

As the week goes on, our campers are faced with different types of mental and physical challenges. They have to proof real team work to solve some of them and move ahead in the game.

Nature hike & picnic

To put their new learnt skills to a test, we'll take them on a hike through High Park and after facing the final challenge of the game, the group will be rewarded with a picnic!

Weekly rate: $345


($328 multiweek)

DATES: Aug 19-23

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