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Health is Wealth - Junior Camp
Join us for summer 2024 for in-person program at our day camp with fun weekly themes.

Toronto summer camps for your kids

This camp will keep our campers active while learning about nutrition and healthy habits for both the body and mind in a fun way! We will start the day with Yoga and explore different fitness streams and sports! Campers will become more confident in healthy choice making and be introduced to some new fun ways to practice self-care.

Field trip: TBD

Weekly rate: $345

($328 multiweek)

Sample schedule Summer Camp Toronto Kidz

Animal Yoga

Learn to stretch, balance and relax with some animal themed yoga.  From cat and cow to downward dog to butterfly, we will experiment with some fun new yoga poses.  We will also learn why it is so important to move our body and take time for ourselves! Campers will develop many skills and exercises to keep their mind and body healthy.

Obstacle Course

Running, skipping, jumping, crawling… the campers will do it with this theme. After a proper stretch that teaches the campers about the benefits of stretching and proper warmups, the campers will complete a challenging, fun and highly active obstacle course.

Self Care

This pandemic has been tough, and it is important to take care of your well-being…both physical and mental.  We will do fun activities that offer different activities that can be used when focusing on self-care.  Campers will then spend some time doing musical abstract art to tune into their feelings, followed by a meditative walk which will leave them feeling relaxed for the end of the day.

Food Groups

How do you create a yummy healthy plate? Balance, portion size, fruit, grains, vegetables, protein, diary? Campers will explore how to recognize healthy food choices through fun games and activities as well as design a delicious meal that follows the appropriate portion sizes of each food group.  We will finish this theme off with making a yummy and nutritious snack surprise!

Healthy Choices

Every day our campers make many choices.  Through games and skits our campers will learn how to make healthier choices for both their mind and their body.  We follow these activities with a healthy tasty snack.

Silly Olympics

Get ready to limbo, see how far you can throw a pool noodle and compete for the longest hula hoop time in our Silly Olympics.  Come in your team colours and bring your team spirit to help cheer your team on!

Weekly rate: $345


($328 multiweek)

DATES: Aug 12-16

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