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What will camp in 2023 look like?

Same as in the last three summers, we will be following all guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health for summer camps, as they might change. Our groups will be a maximum of 14 campers. We have implemented several changes to our programming during the pandemic, and some we will be keeping for a while (maybe even forever?), e.g. hiring buses for our weekly field trips or a strict 'no sharing food policy'. 

As always, we draw from our experience from past summers to build on the systems we implemented. We thrive to offer our camp families a high-quality program at a very accessible price and we'll continue to do so.


We feel confident that once more we will be able to offer our campers a fun and enriching experience with the safety and guidelines that are required to keep everyone healthy.

Below you can find the answers to some of your most important questions. And if you have any other doubts, questions or input, please never hesitate to reach out to us directly! / +1 647 629 2020

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will camp happen in-person for sure?

A: As day camps were allowed to open in the last 3 summers during the pandemic, we feel very confident that the same will be the case in 2023.  We will always follow the provided guidelines for day camps and will keep parents informed about any important updates.

Q: Will field trips happen?

A: We were able to run field trips again in 2021 and 2022, so we feel confident that they will be running as normal again in 2023. We will continue to charter busses for our big field trips. 

Q: Will I get my money back if summer camps shouldn't be allowed to run?

A: Yes, absolutely! We would never ever hold back your money if we can't deliver what you've signed up for. 

Q: What if our plans change or I change my mind about summer camp?

A: Our very lenient cancellation policy allows for a full refund minus a $15 admin fee per week until 30 days prior to the start of the week you signed up for. Between 30-7 days, 70% of the fees will be refundable. 6 days or less, 50% of the fees will be refunded.

Q: How big will the groups be?

A: Groups will be between 12-14 campers. 

Q: Is before and after care available?

A: Yes, before and after care is available at an extra fee.

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