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Things we love in Toronto: Cakes & Bakes Shop

The moment you step into this local bakery in the heart of The Kingsway, your taste buds are activated and you want to try all their creations on display! Their creativity shows clearly in their delicious treats! From a big variety of cupcakes, cake pops, and doughnuts to custom cakes for birthdays and special occasions, they have it all.

Cupcakes display in Cakes & Bakes Shop

Cake pops display in Cakes & Bakes Shop

At the back of the store, you get a glimpse into the open bakery where you can witness the passion for baking firsthand. Quickly, it becomes very clear that there are masters of their trade at work here. The one who makes it all possible is the owner Dragana who’s worn her baking apron and poured her incredible talent for creative baking into her desserts for over 16 years now. By opening her own store in April 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, Dragana made her dream come true and immensely enjoys creating custom-made desserts for her clients based on any design they are looking for!

Why do we love it so much? Well, their cupcakes and cake pops are simply delicious, and our staff agrees! In the summer, whenever we receive a 5-star google review, our staff gets a treat and often it's from Cakes & Bakes as they like it as much as we do! And their creativity when making custom-ordered cakes, seems to have no limit! And last but not least, we just love to support a small local business.

Don’t miss out on this local gem and we are sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Check out their facebook and instragram here.

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