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Gamemania - Junior Camp
Join us for summer 2024 for our fun program at our day camp with weekly themes.

Summer camp with fun challenges for older kids

Who wants to play games all day? Board games, card games, outdoor games... we'll do it all! We'll also make our own board game, letting our creativity flow and burn some energy on our field trip!

Field trip: Minigolf

Weekly rate: $276

($262 multiweek)

summer camp for kids

Creative games

From charades to chicken feet, in this theme the campers will have the chance to run, act and learn some trivia.  Campers should bring their creativity and put their thinking caps on for this wacky wide arrangement of games.


Memory games

Test your memory in a challenging life size memory game!  The fun won’t stop there.  Campers will have the opportunity to make their own memory game to bring home.


Lifesize games

These interactive, active games require the campers’ full participation.  Whether it is running through a maze, tossing a bean bag or competing in fun 'minute to win it' challenges, campers will need their skills and teamwork to navigate through these energy-filled games.


Card games

Shuffling, dealing and strategy…we will do it all with our card game theme activity.  Campers will learn some new card games that encourage teamwork and focus that they can bring home to teach to the family!


Board games

Pick your player and your game!  Campers will have the opportunity to pick the board game which most peaks their interest…whether it is monopoly, scrabble, candy land…they are sure to find a game that excites them!


Make your own board game

Let your creativity run and your imagination flow.  Campers have the opportunity to design and realize their very own board game.  They will plan and be provided with materials to help bring their vision to life!

Weekly rate: $276


($262 multiweek)

DATES: Jul 2-5

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