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Magic - Junior Camp
Join us for summer 2024 at our day camp with fun weekly themes!

Magic week at Toronto Kidz summer camp

This week is for our magic fans! We learn many different tricks from cards to coins, make a magic box to keep all our supplies and maybe even learn how to read some minds. Campers will build up their repertoire and choose from their favorite tricks to perform at the Magic Show on Friday!

Field trip: Museum of Illusions

Weekly rate: $345

($328 multiweek)

Fun activities and challenges at summer camp

Magician’s preparation

Magicians always need to be prepared to perform, that is why it is so important that they have their supplies on them at all time.  In this theme activity, campers will make their very own magician box to store their props for this week.

Card tricks

Is this your card? Card tricks are some of the most classic tricks done by magicians. Campers will learn and practice the sleight of hand in order to master some fun card tricks.

Fun tricks

Coins and crayons, campers will learn some more creative tricks.  These tricks can easily be shown at home but be warned…with these tricks campers may even be able to read your mind!

Make your own wand

A magician always needs a wand.   Campers will pick their wand from the woods and decorate it to make sure it is customized to their liking.  To end this theme activity, campers will use their imagination to create a skit about the day in the life of a magician.

 Wand tricks

Alohomora! In this theme activity we will learn all about different spells and wand tricks. Campers will work on these wand tricks and then continue to master the skill of mind reading!

Science based magic

While magic is truly an art, combined with science it can become even more mysterious. Campers will master six cool tricks including spoon bending and anti gravity cups. Prepare to be amazed!

Magic Show
Drum roll please….We are proud to present the young magicians of Toronto Kidz Camp!  Today is the day where these magicians put their skills to the test, presenting their favorite tricks to the rest of the group!

Weekly rate: $345


($328 multiweek)

DATES: Jul 8-12

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