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Dragons & Unicorns Camp
Join us for fun day camp programs this summer 2024 in Toronto.


We'll learn all about these mythical creatures and try to decide for ourselves whether they are real. 

And during our field trip to Casa Loma we'll visit the building closest to a castle that Toronto has. With its majestic interior and the towers we'll climb, you'll learn about the luxurious home Casa Loma once was. 

Each day during our craft session you'll get the chance to make a different dragon or unicorn craft to take home. 

Field trip: Casa Loma

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Weekly rate: $345


($328 multiweek)


Jul 8-12 (Roncesvalles & High Park)

Jul 22-26 (Eglinton & Ossington)

Aug 6-9 (Royal York & Islington)

Aug 19-23 (Baby Point & Swansea)

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